Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I found this in Deptford market. I’d been up all night battering K and decided that, as sleep wasn’t a friend, a possibility or an aspiration, I should have a mooch through other peoples’ crap. Thank God for that. I saw the cover, and having always been a fan of Ms Griffiths, thought I’d take a punt. I’ve done this loads of time and ended up with shite heartless 80s lovers reggae, which now clutters up my discogs account. Fortunately the one in ten rule applied (one good record for every ten stinkers) and this turned out to be Marcia covering Fleetwood Mac’s all time smash out ‘Everywhere’. I took it back to my shop, put it on the turntable and played it through. Then I put it back to the start and ran through it again. I had a tiny bump and ran it through again. I ran it through again. I ran it through again. The cycle courier who lived upstairs came down and said ‘i love this song’ and we listened to it together another 6 times.I welled up at one point. Now I close the night at Charity Shoppe with it and everyone sings along. I hope it gives the readers of this page as much pleasure as it’s given me.

Marcia Griffiths - Everywhere

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