Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Psychedelic World of Phil Collins

Here is a list of fun facts about Phil Collins:

1) He played a character named ‘Phil’ in Miami Vice. Phil looks really weird and kinda evil (the Miami Vice Phil, not the real one, obviously.)

2) He donated a song to the tribute album for famous Formula One butterfingers Ayrton Senna
3) There was a bizarre, amazing album of Phil covers released by RnB stars called ‘Urban Renewal’. You should hear Ol’ Dirty Bastards version of Susudio. Actually, you can, here it is—
4) On the Face Value album he covers the Beatles psychedelic block rocking masterpiece ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’, washes it down with a load of synth ambience and spits out a strange (yet by no means unpleasant) trip through the lysergic nether reaches of his pristine balding skull. I bought it the other day from the charity shop endearingly called ‘Charity Shop’ situated on Hackney High Street, and by golly I’m glad I did.
Here it is ---

Phil Collins - Tomorrow Never Knows

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