Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Buying 2 Step from a one handed man

So in Stoke Newington last week I came across a shop I'd not spotted before: The Bosnia Herzegovina Charity Hospice. If your ever in the area, I highly encourage you to check it out, it's just round the corner from the overground station and packed with good stuff. There's clothes hanging from the ceiling, jammed onto racks, spilling out the walls, on the floor, everywhere. And they had boxes of vinyl which I feverishly scrabbled through.
In doing so I came across two garage bangers, first the MJ Cole remix of De La Soul's It Ain't All Good, which, whilst it isn't that rare (hip hop tracks are always massively over pressed), is a wicked dance tune, and then, yikes ! Roxy vs El-B doing 'Cuba'. All the Nu Garage kids love El-B and rightly so, he was making dubsteppy skippy garage back in 2001 before grime even had a name, and this track is a dark delight.
I took the records up to the counter and was a little perturbed by the 6"2 Bosnian (I assume) blokes lack of a right hand. In its place he had a kind of rejigged mannequins dummy hand. I only noticed the hand when he passed me my records, and as I took the bag it got snared in this gammy plastic appendage, so I was sort of tugging on the bag, and he was trying to release it but this hand looked fucking ancient and it just wasn't opening. I mean the poor sod. And, probably cos of nerves, I started laughing, then he laughed to, and the hand popped open. Maybe he engendered the whole affair to help wile away the hours keeping shop.
Still I imagine he could do with a new hand, so do pass by and spend some cash.
Anyway here's the El-B tune (download links after the videos)

And here's the MJ Cole

Roxy vs El-B Cuba
De La Soul Aint All Good (MJ Cole mix)


  1. The man who works in Sense on Walworth Road has no hand either, good records in there too!

  2. Maybe they lost their hands fighting over some really good records??