Friday, 19 March 2010

New-Ro 'She's A Nymphomaniac'

Drum machines are amazing. I think they’re one of mankinds greatest inventions. I was born in 1979 and it’s funny to think that if I’d popped out a decade earlier then I would have had a childhood almost entirely devoid of hearing the boom of an 808. As it was pretty much everything I grew up with rode in on sampled kicks and mechanical snares. I think you could argue that the emergence of sampling was a bigger break with the past than Rock N Roll had ever offered. House and Hip Hop as close to Year Zero as anything was ever going to get. The freedom for one artist to create an orchestra single handed allowed a clarity of focus that is lost in collaboration. Hmmm. Probably need to think about this a bit more to be honest. One undeniable truth is that the rise of the drum machine produced a staggering amount of brilliant music through the 80s and beyond; when I trawl through flea markets and discarded stacks of records cluttering up car boots it’s amazing to see how many tracks I end up finding that I 1) Don’t know anything whatsoever about and 2) absolutely love.
Here is a fine example, found on a rainy day in Ramsgate, New Ro’s ‘She’s A Nymphomaniac’. It’s a sleazy Jamie Principle-ish acid house affair on the United Sounds of America label. As far as I can tell, this came out of New York in ’89 and was produced by a guy called Larry Anderson. If anyone knows if any of his other tracks are any cop, I’d love to hear from em. It’s got so much to it that I love, the faux sexy vocals, the little orgasmic cries, the nagging synth hooks and the melancholic bleeps. Mint. Hope you enjoy.

New-Ro - She's A Nympomaniac

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