Monday, 16 November 2009

Oriental International Brothers Band Of Imo State

Yes !
A lovely find ....!
This beauty revealed itself whilst I was rooting through the bric-a-brac shop down the road from the mythical wonderland of Deptford Market.
I know almost nothing about the band, there's a limited amount online, I found one piece that detailed their sound as innovative due to it's fusion of Congolese elements with more traditional Nigerian Afrobeat, which sounds about right (I'm no expert on this though, eh)--
I was really surprised to dig up a later rerecording of the title track on youtube:

jesus England is cold.
And as the UKs just kicking into another stinking orrible winter, and as today I've got nothing better to do (one of the many joys of being a layabout) I've decided to upload the whole LP (all 2 tracks of it) in glorious 320 kbps


Nwanne Awu Enyi 320.mp3

Amaghim Onye Bu Onye 320.mp3

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