Wednesday, 21 April 2010

McLaren dead... Guru dead.... Thatcher still clings on...

I mean it’s mind boggling how the great and good fall by the wayside, whilst Maggie Thatch, that vicious shrivelled spectre of evil has just about maintained enough of a vice like grip on existence to (probably) see the Tories back in charge again. If one good thing comes off the Cameron-bot getting elected it’ll be that the old witch can finally begin her descent to hell.

Back to those who have passed.

So this was going to be a special tribute to the questing, genre defying, somewhat pretentious Malcolm McLaren. But then, horribly, Guru of Gangstarr went and died, so we’re going to get a track for each. First up is the McLaren produced B Beat Girls, discovered, as with so much other gold, in Deptford market, on a sunny day a couple of years ago. I grabbed it because it had McLaren’s name on the label, and got a massive treat when I got it home--- amazing razor sharp electro with a much sampled intro and dirty low end frequencies. I’d download this quick if I were you as it’ll probably get removed—there’s no video of the full vocal on youtube so you’ll just have to trust me, this is a winner---

B Beat Girls - For the Same Man

As for Guru, most of the Gangstarr stuff I've got doesn't qualify for this blog as I bought it in proper shops for proper cash first time round... still after a lot of digging through the archives, here’s one thing I found in Islington Marie Curie earlier this year, a remix of Lina, a once hyped RnB diva who combined 20s swing with urban production. I can’t help but think she just showed up too early, and had she been around in todays burlesque loving climate she would have done a lot better. Anyway this remix from Premier is a banger without any of the swingtime affectation. The magical tones of Guru bless the start and middle of the track. I can’t believe he’s died at 43, what a great loss to hip hop, and music in general.

Lina - It's Alright (Gangstarr Mix)

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