Friday, 28 May 2010

Straight Thanet Gold

I just came back from spending a week at my Mums down in Kent, where she told me that whilst she liked reading the blog, I swear too much on it. Well I've counted Mum, and there are TWO swear words in the last 7 posts. (I'm not including Ol' Dirty Bastard's name, cos that was his choice and he'll have to take it up with his old dear). TWO !! I feel like I haven't been swearing enough !! Ballsacks. And I don't even know if that counts.
Anyway, one of the joys of being in Kent is a visit to the Selfridges of charity shops, Ramsgate. Ramsgate is a decaying sea side town with beautiful architecture, insane murderous looking locals and charity shops raising cash for literally every part of the body and every kind of animal you could hope to dream of. Almost all of these shops are staffed by a combination of fey terrified indie emo types and bellowing OAPs, and they are ferlippin brilliant
Onto the goodies---- first up I found a suprise punkish cache starting with this vicious belter from Public Image ---

Public Image Limited - Memories

To be fair the live version on youtube is actually better than the recording, but a good find none the less---

And nestling next to it was a 7" of a Devo track I hadn't heard -- Come Back Jonee. produced by Eno, it's got that fanfare-for-the-future vibe they pull off so well, sitting somewhere between the ironic and anthemic-
Devo - Come Back Jonee

Hmm. My internet is playing up a bit, so for today I'm going to just post videos of some of the other bits I grabbed... message me for downloads of any of em--

first up, from a pile of disco boogie cast offs, I got another copy of Dazz Band's mighty 'Let It All Blow'-- this sounded great down Superstore last month-- Im open to offers to anyone who wants to take the crisp sounding 12" off me...

Next up, for the princely sum of 25p I scored a 12 of Timex Social Club performing 'Rumours'. I can't find the Shep Pettibone dub online, buts believe me,it's on the vinyl--

and finally for now, again from the 25p section, Hall & Oates with 'Family Man'. I'm feeling this ones pretty camp 80s buzz, have to see how it goes down this Sunday at the Cargo BBQ session where I'm sure we'll see you all.....


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