Monday, 9 November 2009

Digital Hardcore goes POP

Nothing beats the peverse joy which accompanies finding a gabba LP in a charity shop. Like seeing a chubby nazi pop up on Question Time, or watching a dog eating its own poo, it's unpleasant, but strangely enjoyable.
So I got a rush of icky excitment upon coming across a Shizuo vs Shizor Digital Hardcore LP this week, buried amongst the grimey tat in the junk shop near Hackney Downs station. For those of you sleeping at the back, Digital Hardcore was set up by Alec Empire in the mid 90s, Alec Empire being the mastermind behind videos like this MTV-banned clip:

To be fair theres nothing on Shizuo vs Shizour that tops the genius of Revolution Action (but what would eh ..?) but it does have a few belters---
The B side opens up with New Kick which comes on quite pleasingly like the Prodigy made by friendly feral 9 year olds

Shizuo vs Shizor - New Kicks 320.mp3

After another 40 minutes of industrial cocking about (which you'll have to hunt the album down to hear), Shizou settles down with a queasy Blondie cover, which made me feel a bit oily and a bit stalk-y.

Shizuo vs Shizor - Blondo 320.mp3


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